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I make my blog about Hitler because I like the World War II, in my opinion it's very interesting. I have visit lots of musea and  I really like that.

So, have fun on my blog!

Movie's and picture's

I can't make movie's from myself about Hitler, but I have found some other movie's and picture's from hitler.

His first speach in 1933,

A movie about the life of Eva Braun,

Movie about Eva Braun en Hitler,

And the picture's you can find everywhere!

The end of Hitler

The Russian Army were in 1945 arrived in the German capital Berlin.
There was heavy fighting. Lots of German cities were bombed by the Allies. But Hitler wasn’t dead! He hid in a bunker under the Reichstag building. That was one of the important buildings in Germany.
Hitler looks bad and had health problems. He would not surrender alive.

At 30 April in the morning, Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide. Eva have taken
A deadly pill, cyaankali. And Hitler has shot his salve. The Russians were going to find where Hitler had his bunker. They did not know he was already dead. First they found the burned body’s of  Joseph and Magda Goebbels. Even they’re six children were dead. The Russian had not found the hole where Hitler and Eva were lying, but the Russians told the world that they had found Hitler’s and Eva’s hole. But three days later the World knows it was not true. The world was shocked. Maybe Hitler was still alive somewhere!
A few days later they found two burned bodies. A man and a woman. They were the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. He said nothing to the world. And buried they somewhere. This is never proved! Stalin had a problem in 1970, het didn’t know where he buried Hitler and Eva! In the period from 1945 to 1970, the corpses were buried  seven times! This is never proved too!   

Nobody knew. In 1970 the Russians decided to completely destroy the bodies. Then the bodies were burned and the ashes threw in a river (the Ehle) in the  village Biederitz. This is never proved! The Russians were worried that Hitler's body ever discovered. Unbelievable there are still people who believe  in  Hitler's ideas. We call they’re neo-Nazis.  Only a part of Hitler's jaw and skull are still in archives in Moscow.

Eva Braun

Eva Braun met Hitler in 1929 when she was an assistant of Hitler's photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. In 1936 she joined his household at the Berghof, and she became his lover. For the German People was Eve not well known.  Eva stayed mostly at the Berghof where she made ​​many movies. They also travelled  in Europe, and many film recordings have been found. She pretended she knew nothing about it, but from a letter to her sister that Eve was aware of concentration camps.  On April 29, 1945, when the Soviet army the city largely been take over, she married and one day later Hitler and Eva committed suicide  in the Fuhrer bunker in Berlin. Eva Braun took a pill and Hitler has shot his salve. Their bodies were burned in a pit filled with gasoline. This was never proven!
More of that in the following chapter!


Hitler thought he had a solution for all the problems.
He said: “The Germans are sick! And the problem is mostly, the Jews!” “They’re guilty of our defeat from world war one”. The German people thought he was right. Anti-Semitism was a important part of the national social propaganda. In 1935 they write in the law it’s not allowed to marry people of German blood and that they’re not real Germans. Then began the discrimination of the Jews to getting bigger. Jews lost their jobs, Jewish shops were robbed and Jewish children were expelled from school. In November 1938 were the crystal night, lots of windows were broken. And 26000 Jewish people were arrested and put in concentration camps. Lots of Jewish people flights to the abroad. A big problem was that the foreign countries the Jews not allowed and send back to Germany. Not only Jews were the victims of the Nazi’s. But Also Gypsies, homosexuals and disabled people were discriminated.
Numbers of died Jews:

Poland:                   2,350,000
Soviet Union:          700,000
Hungary:                 440,000
Czechoslovakia:      233,000
Romania:                 200,000
Germany:                160,000
Netherlands:           101,800
France:                    60,000
Austria:                    58,000
Greece:                   57,000
Yugoslavia:             55,000 (31,000 in Croatia)
Belgium:                  25,000
Italy:                        8500
Luxembourg:          3000
Norway:                  700

The total number of Jews killed is between five and six million.

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The N.S.D.A.P.

On a day Hitler went to a congress of the ‘’Deutsche Arbreids Partij’’ or: D.A.P. Hitler became also a member of the D.A.P. After a while they changed the name of they’re society, The National Socialist German ‘Arbeiders’ society or: N.S.D.A.P.
A few years later, Hitler became the leader of the N.S.D.A.P. The Society had already 65000 members. The symbol of the society was a red flag with a black swastika. Almost everyone knew Hitler already, he was almost famous! The society was very popular at the Germans. In 1942 had the society over 7 million members. Mostly in 1933 rise the number of members very quickly. Because in 1933 Hitler won a election and he became the Federal Chancellor from Germany. Here a list of the members from the N.S.D.A.P.

Members of the N.S.D.A.P. :
End of 1925                                           27.000
september 1930                                     850.000
januari 1933                                          1900.000
mai 1933                                                2.500.000
1939                                                       5.300.000
1942                                                       7.100.000
1945                                                       8.500000

After 1937 Hitler dismissed eight of the twelve ministers. He salve, Göring, Goebbels, Frick and Darré remained. In 1938 the army was also under the N.S.D.A.P.  Hitler his power was huge, and you could see that! Good examples were the Cristal night, the “Reichskulturkammer” and the book burning of "writings of German enemies’’. The N.S.D.A.P. stopped in 1945 when Germany had lost World War II.

Hitler his youth

At these picture Hitler him selve:                                                       
Adolf Hitler was born at 20 April 1889 in a little town called Braunau am Inn.
That’s in Ostrich. The father of Hitler was called Alois Hitler and the mother Klara Hitler. During his youth he was a little normal boy. When Hitler was 16, died his father. When that was happening he was not doing well at school. When he was 18 he wanted to be a painter. He went to Wien, because there was a school especially for painters. But he was not adopted. Just after that died his mother, Hitler couldn’t believe it. A year later he tried again , but again he was rejected. He had some money from his parents for a room, but after some years he didn’t had any money left. So he couldn’t pay the room where he was living in. A few years he was very poor, he was trying to get a job but he had no diplomas. He had to do some stupid jobs, for rich people. He began to hate rich people, usually rich Jews. Because Jews had good jobs. At 1914 began the First World war. Hitler was a soldier too. That did he voluntary. When the German lost the First World war in 1918, Hitler had stayed in the German army because he was faithfull at Germany. The German officers where satisfied with Hitler. Hitler had to teach German soldiers after world war one. After they lost world war one Germany had to pay 132 milliard. The German (And Hitler too) would get some revenge!

Hitler him selve:                                            

Hitler’s father and mother: